Guest Testimonials

Blanka OrinčákováSeptember 2010

…we were extremelly satisfied with stay. Beautiful environment, very nice appartment funished to details, catering was great, as well as services offered and Mrs. Vierka very kind, pleasant and willing. Maybe you think that I exaggerate, but we three were there really very satisfied. Thank you very much and we wish you a beautiful sunny day.PS: I have not slept so well for a long time/ sweet-scented bed cloth, good mattress – GREAT/

Renáta HajkovskáAugust 2010

Good evening, we have just returned from our holiday. I must prove that evaluation of place offered was true. Accommodation – appartment was excellently furnished and it fulfilled the most demanding requests.Everything furnished with taste and really clean…/I really insist on it/. As for the services, the owner was really kind and I can´t say anything more than thank you…and we certainly come back. We wish you more places like this.

Anička RidilovičováJune 2010

Good morning, we were very satisfied with our stay in Veľká Lomnica, everything was excellent, unlimited willingness, responsiveness, professional level of services provided, quality, cleanliness, sense and taste in equipment choice – we were very satisfied. Even we plan to spend relaxing weekend there again. Thanks to Štefaňak family and a lot of success in providing services to guests.

Katka ButykováJuly 2010

It was amazing…even fantastic.!!In fact…thanks for all. Incredibly good sevices. It was above all our expectations…..

Sepeši TomášAugust 2010

Good morning, I was really satisfied and I can prove , that it was the best accommodation I had ever visited in Slovakia. Thanks for your willingness.

Nataša Valenková and familyJuly 2010

Greetings to all, We were really very satisfied with accommodation,mainly thanks to the owner, incredible Mrs. Vierka, who would bring us a moon. We will come back there certainly and by this we would like to thank….