Pension events

Reward your employees by an interesting programme!

“Penzión u Vierky”** offers you a programme according to your requests and ideas. We are a team of skilled workers and we guarantee the success of every event.

Events – gourmet sessions, receptions in nature, bussiness lunch, sport-entertaining programmes, folk music performances, guiding services, different family celebrations, garden parties, BBQs, roasted piggy and many others- according to your wishes.

All fans of delicious meals and tasty specialities are invited to our restaurant in” Penzion u Vierky”´. We prepare not only home dishes according to traditional Goral recipes-sheep cheese noodles, potato pies,moskole,…but also specialities on the grill.

  • roast piggy
  • roast goose and duck
  • grilled meals
  • tasting of good Slovak cheeses
  • tasting of the wines from our wine cellar
  • banquets,rauts, bussiness meetings
  • garden party